Selection / Auswahl:

Solo / Einzelausstellung & Group / Gruppenausstellung


"In Touch", CICA MuseumSouth Korea (group)
"Artworks from the Twilight, Drifting between dream and nightmare, desire and drama.", Moon Art Fair, The Westin Hamburg, Germany (group)


"BBK Mitglieder stellen aus", Galerie der Künstler, München / Germany (group)

"BLUE RED YELLOW", Galerie m beck, Homburg,Saar / Germany (group)

"Flying High" Art Fundraiser presented by Insight Artspace for The Loyalty Foundation, New York / USA (online)

"Transpositions-3", SPAR,  Museum of Nonconformist Art, Pushkinskaya-10., St. Petersburg / Russia (online)


Insight ArtSpace Gallery, New York City / USA (group)

Objects of Desire, Städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark (group)


"Claudia Bläsi: homebase", Kunstforum Arabellapark,  München / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: urban diaries", Gallery 2.04., St. Petersburg / Russia (solo)


"Claudia Bläsi: Inscriptions of Infinity", Seyhoun Art Gallery Teheran / Iran (solo),(K)


"Claudia Blaesi: Love Letter", Gallery Article, Hong Kong (solo), (K)
"Claudia Bläsi: Marseille/Allemagne - Peinture" , Gallery MundArt (Espace d´exposition GT), Marseille / France (solo)

"Waiting for the Muse", Miami Art Fair, Miami / USA (group)


"Claudia Bläsi: Unique Footsteps", Gallery NSAF, Hue / Vietnam (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Abstract facettes", Gallery Cao Changdi Chaoyang District, Beijing / China (solo)

"Faces & Traces", Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai / China (group) (K)

"Blooming life", Shanghai Art garden (Artist invitational exhibition), Shanghai / China (group)

"quadriArt" EAGL Gallery, Berlin / Germany (group) (K)

"Claudia Bläsi", Galerie KonsulArt, Consulate Germany, Kraków / Poland (solo) (K)

"Claudia Bläsi: Malerei", Künstlerbundgalerie, Graz / Austria (solo)

"Borderless III - Art without borders", SAS Gallery 001, Shanghai / China (group)

"Day Dreams", Brick Lane Gallery, London / Great Britain (group)

"Art Ignites Life", Duolun Museum of Modern Art , Shanghai / China  (group)


"Claudia Bläsi: created in Shanghai", SAS Gallery 002, Shanghai / China (solo)

"Borderless II - Art Without Borders", Yang Shanghai Art Space, Shanghai / China (group)


"AstroArt", Kunst in der Sternwarte Hamburg-Bergedorf / Germany (group)


"Claudia Bläsi: Dialoge mit Valérie", Deutsches Haus NYU, New York / USA (solo)

2001 - 2009

"Claudia Bläsi: Farbige Impressionen", Goethe-Institute, Munich / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Bleu-Blue-Blau", European Patent Office, Berlin / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Impressionen aus Marokko", Embassy of Morocco, Berlin / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Impressionen aus Sizilien", Italian Embassy, Berlin / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Ätna - Impressionen", Italian Consulate, Hamburg / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Malerei", Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, Munich / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Dialoge mit Valérie", Galerie Landesvermessungsamt, Munich / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Farbige Impressionen", Rathausgalerie, Ebersberg / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Marokko-Impressionen", Kleine Rathausgalerie, Landshut / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Kleine und große Reisebilder", Bundesdenkmalamt, Graz / Austria (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Reiseimpressionen", Schloss Blutenburg, Munich / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Malerei", Kulturraum Freiraum, Munich / Germany (solo)

"Claudia Bläsi: Kolorowe impresje", Galeria Autorska Michalowski, Lublin / Poland (solo)

Monaco Libre, Kunst auf der Münchner Freiheit, Munich / Germany (group)

"Wege zur Kunst - 30 Künstler aus 15 Ländern", Galerie im Wasserturm, Wien / Austria (group)


Art Fairs / Kunstmessen

2021  Art Fair Singapore (September), Singapore postponed

2019  Affordable Art Fair NYC Fall 2019 (AAF), New York City / USA

2019  Harbour Art Fair (Art Basel Hong Kong Week), Gallery AHC Projects, Hong Kong / China

2018  Harbour Art Fair (Art Basel Hong Kong Week) "Imagine the Invisible", Hong Kong

2013  55th Biennale di Venezia Giardini, Swatch Booth, Venice / Italy

2011   15th Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai / China

2010  14th Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai / China

2009 ElbArt, Alter Elbtunnel, Hamburg / Germany


Other / Sontige

​Annual exhibition of members, BBK Galerie der Künstler, Munich / Germany

2014 - Today Domagkateliertage, städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark


Collections / Sammlungen

The Swatch Group Ltd., Biel / Switzerland


Art Residency / Kunst Residenz

2017 International Art Residency SPAR, St. Petersburg / Russia (Art Residency)

2014 New Space Arts Foundation (NSAF), Hue / Vietnam (Art Residency)

2012 Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai / China (Art Residency)


Projects / Projekte

2019 Kunstprojekt mit Schulkindern in der Bad Sodener Straße, Munich / Germany (project with children)

​2014 Stadtkultur Netzwerk Bayerischer Städte e.V., Munich / Germany

2005-today BBK Projects "Kinder treffen Künstler", Munich / Germany


Artist Talk

2021 Moon Art Fair, The Westin Hamburg, Hamburg / Germany

2017 International Art Residency SPAR, St. Petersburg / Russia
2014 New Space Arts Foundation (NSAF), Hue / Vietnam